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Hi Jayce, sorry thought I sent this to you earlier...

Hope all is well
Deadline for this likely to be extended, so if you are interested let me
know.  Also have much material related to the general topic  and to
specific areas if you need.



Please post, copy, forward, distribute

May 22 1997

This is a call for artwork for another Resistant Strains poster project.
The subject is prisons and our prison culture.

subject is/ How not funny is it that a New Jersey company produces baby
formula and chemicals used in lethal injections? How unamusing is it that
Bob Barker hosts "The Price Is Right" and owns a company that manufactures
clothing for inmates? How dead serious is the connection between education
funding cuts and increased spending on prison construction? How not
laughable is it that prisoners do the work of the unemployed for pennies an
hour? How lacking in humor is the relation between gated communities and
prisons? How hard do you have to laugh to keep from crying in this maximum
security democracy? How pathetic, passive and defeated is it to simply
chuckle at all the ironic contradictions here? How liberally reactionary to
say, "Well, criminals have to be punished"? Who is a criminal? What is
criminal? What is a crime?

a crime?/ Posters for this series can address these or other questions, and
should be clear, informative, interesting to look at, thought provoking,
and action provoking. They can be high art but must be accessible,
politically challenging, and disposable. These posters will tell stories of
what the prison industry is, who controls it, who profits from it, and how
people are fighting it.

what you do is/ Send a rough layout (sketch, laser print, etc.), and a
brief written description of your design/ideas/approach. Send submissions
by July 7 to: Resistant Strains/Karen Topper, 5 Center Street, Montpelier,
VT 05602

what we do is/ Look at the poster proposals; choose a series to print*;
print (18x24 inches, two colors, 1000 each design); and distribute. We will
make posters available to whomever wants to do something with them. (*We
will not print all of the designs submitted. We hope to print 10 posters.
However, we are planning to publish a small 'zine with all of the

do something?/ These posters will be for hanging on streets as part of
wheatpasting instant gallery exhibit; displaying in libraries, schools,
correctional facilities, community centers, bathrooms, police stations,
lobbies, courthouses, country clubs, etc.; printing as graphics in
publication; giving as gifts to friends and enemies; using for fundraising
for political organization; employing as visual materials in classrooms,
workshops, readings, meetings, etc.

Resistant Strains has done two other sets of posters: Bank Job, a series of
10 addressing World Bank/IMF policies; and the Zapatista Poster Series, 11
prints looking at resistance in Chiapas, Mexico. (See Z Magazine April 1997
article on the Zapatista project.)

We are a small group of activists and artists committed to examining and
promoting resistance to political, social and economic domination. We work
to combine art and analysis in interesting and useful ways. We encourage
and facilitate the collaboration of artists and activists in the creation
of designs for these projects.

For more info, contact:
Karen Topper

Meghan O'Rourke

David Thorne

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