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Attention Dadaists, Howlers, Prowlers, Cranks, Despots,
Zealots, 'Pataphysicians and Misunderstood Prophets!

As part of the blast5drama we are providing a
vehicle and a captive audience for your proscriptive

We invite you to come to the Sandra Gering Gallery to read,
chant, or rant your manifesto from atop our platform.

We believe that the literary form of the manifesto has too
long been associated with crackpots, bombasts and Italians.

We would like to rescue the manifesto from the dusty, smoke-
filled recesses of art history. Come help us to free this
powerful form from the degraded and underappreciated hovel
where it now shudders, under the thumb of clods like the

Your manifesto may take any form and be of any length so
long as it doesn't take more than 10 minutes to spew forth.

If you cannot be present physically to perform your
manifesto, feel free to email it to blast5drama and we will
enlist some fanatic to read it live.

Readings will be held on Saturday, 28 December 1996
beginning at 3 Sandra Gering Gallery, 476 Broome
Street, New York, and will be broadcast on the Web on
December 29 and 30 at the blast5drama theater of operations

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