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nettime: The #Refresh Action Manifesto


A Multi-Nodal Web-Surf-Create-Session for an Unspecified Number of 

... poetic -  exploring instability, unpredictability, flow of 
feeling the universe, extasy of true joint creativity, hopping through
space, countries, cultures, languages, genders, colours, shapes and 
... [want to add smth?]

If you don't get depressed by homeless homepages and wandering websites, 
you have shed the hope that names and places in webspace will always 
have a
fixed locality, and if you don't mind to get zapped after 10 seconds, 
not join 'Refresh', the friendly web-design frenzy that we are planning 
start on Sunday 6 October, 18.00-22.00hrs CET.

We will be continuously extending the 'Refresh'-loop of specially 
webpages which are interlinked and which sit on our different servers in
Rotterdam, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ljubljana, Riga, Amsterdam, Helsinki,
... At the same time, we will be connecting via an IRC channel, chatting
and shooting at trouble.

Here are some of the details you need to know to participate:

#Major Refreshment:

If you have access to a website and you can handle some basic webdesign,

1. Check the Refresh thing at
or [sorry, not yet]
(don't click, just look)

2. create your own Refresh-page, call it <http://[your 
server]/fresh.htm>, with two pinks on it:

- to a project description und current status page -
<a href="">Refresh: Read and

- to your main page (optional),

3. now you have 2 options:
 a. (guaranteed) link it to Vuks's Refresh page by inserting
before the first html-tag of your Refresh page and emailing your Refresh
page url to Alexei (,
 b. (challenging because we can't be responsible for people's good will)
try to join it at any other node by inserting <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"
CONTENT="10; URL=http://[Refresh page owner server]/fresh.htm"> and
contacting owner of the previous Refresh page asking to change his/her
Refresh link to your Refresh page.

The Refresh loop can slowly grow prior to 6 Oct, and on the day itself 
can change the design of your own page, or download and change other
people's pages, changing them and putting them onto your own server, or
requesting to include the changed page on the original server.

Watch out: no shockwave, no plug-ins, 10 sec refresh rate - keep it 
no publicity exept of the page owner, no commercial pages, two links on

#Minor Refreshment

Surf the fresh-pages.

#Refreshing Intercourse

On Sunday 6 October, from around 16.00hrs, we will be hanging out on the
IRC channel: #refresh. (This channel will most probably be on the
server/use undernet servers; confirmation to follow.) For news on the
night, complaints about Vuk's bad design and requests for better
connectivity, check in there.

More details will be posted as things get clearer in the course of the
week. If you want to participate, please, get in touch with one of the
addresses below and we'll keep you up to date.

alexei shulgin <>
vuk cosic <>
andreas broeckmann <>

Just stay where you are!
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