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nettime: Announcement ISEA96 conference

I am the webmaster for ISEA96, and I want to bring this conference to your
attention. I send you the press release in English...
Thanks. Gerd.

 electronic art conference Rotterdam
 september 1996, Rotterdam

P R E S S  R E L E A S E


The Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art will take place from
16th to 20th September at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam. The
essence of ISEA96 will be a three day scientific conference, preceded by
workshops and tutorials. Prominent scientists, artists and technologists from
all over the world; mostly pioneers within their field, will discuss the
newest developments and possibilities concerning electronic art.
There will also be ample opportunity to look, listen and experience electro-
nic art in great variety, such as the exhibition 'Mental Cyborgs', an
Electronic Theatre, concerts and performances.


ISEA96 forms a part of the R96 festival, 'The New Temptation', the theme of
which is the influence of new media on the 'Arts, Man, and the City' . At
the same time, the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF, organized by V2),
also takes place. In cooperation these three festivals will form the most
complete electronic art event ever held in Holland.


The International Symposia on Electronic Art have an interdisciplinary
structure. Because of this, a platform will be established for cooperation
and discussion between artists and scientists. The nature of this discussion
is specialized as well as general and includes subjects such as computer
graphics and animation, electronic and computer music, video art, interacti-
ve installations and research and the development of New Media. Also
included will be the more traditional art forms in which electronics play a
significant role.
HISTORY OF ISEA SYMPOSIA                         

The ISEA symposium is a Dutch initiative, which started with ISEA88 in
Utrecht and ISEA90 in Groningen. Since then, the symposium has been in
Sydney, Minneapolis, Helsinki and Montreal and has grown into the largest,
most important annual international meeting in this field. From its begin-
ning, the symposium has had an academic set-up. The call for participation
has produced over 700 proposals from the whole world over. These have
been evaluated by an International Programme Committee and several local

Electronic communication and design has grown to be more and more
important. Lately, with the introduction of the Internet, the pace has
accelerated. This has influenced many aspects of society. Thus, as electro-
nics find a larger place in culture, new media will play a critical role.


Stelarc (Australia)
"The future of networked art" (invited speaker)
Rich Gold (USA) 
"Technology as a Common Language between the Art and the Sciences"
(long paper)
Norie Neumark (Australia) 
"A Shock in the Ear: The Aesthetics of Sound in Multimedia Interactives"
(long paper)
Lane Hall en Lisa Molina (USA) 
"What's so hard about Hardcopy" (poster session)
Josepha Haveman (USA)
"Bridging the Gap (Education as a way of bridging the gap between artists
and technologists)" (round table) Michael O'Rourke (USA)
"Introduction to three dimensional Computer Animation: 3-D Studio" (work-
shop en tutorial)
Mari Kimura (USA)
"Virtual soundscape; Violin and Virtual Reality Sound Environment" (tutori-


For more information on the ISEA symposium, the preliminairy program and
subscription, please visit our WEB-site:
Tel/fax: 31-10-4778605


For further information please contact:
Karlijn Ernst and Odrada Burghoorn, Public Relations
ISEA96 tel/fax 31-10-4778605

ISEA96 is made possible thanks to Municipality of Rotterdam,
Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam,
Stichting Rotterdam Festivals, Mondriaan Stichting, Rotterdamse
Kunststichting, Stichting PWT,
Internet Providers Rotterdam, TIM voor kantoor and others.

Gerbrand-o-soft 303-Laboratoriae 1996

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