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Re: nettime: Justice Department stalls for time in CDA lawsuit, from HotWired

At 8:17 PM 8/20/96, Declan McCullagh wrote:

>[Read the complete column at the URL below... -Declan]

Definitely will.

>   In other words, the CDA might be unconstitutional now, but
>   _constitutional_ some months from now...

First, I still have a hard time seeing that happening, but even if it did,
without a doubt, the appeal process would simply start all over again.
Second, supposing hell freezes over and Reno & Co do actually ram it
through (after cleaning the swastikas, etc., off their Web site), no one
has yet come up with a feasible way of enforcing it. Because there isn't

As with the 'war on drugs', they'll be reduced to public service
announcements begging us to 'just say no' to online pictures of naked


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