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nettime: Could Computertheory help the German army? - Nils Roeller
Pit Schultz on Sat, 16 Mar 96 07:46 MET

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nettime: Could Computertheory help the German army? - Nils Roeller

Could Computertheory help the German army?

No doubt the German army does not need any help from comuter theory, because 
now the goverment helps the army. It helps against  internal frustration in 
ist defenses system with a new honour-law. This law will  protect the honour 
of the soldier.  In future there shall be no more possibility to frustrate a 
german soldier by accusing him to be a murderer. Every one who will dare to 
call him so may be sentenced to a maximum of 3 years prison. 

This law has to be regarded as a problem between a struggle inside and 
outside of a system. 
The struggle arises at a time, where China provokes Taiwan and the conflict 
in Ex Jugoslavia helps the forces of the big Nato-Brother to have a new 
training field . This is a crucial time for the germany army that was used 
to fight only with inner enemies (for their budgest).
It's time to changetacticts because it has now to figtht as well against 
externly: versus the ăenemies" of democracy, free market politcis and global 
peace, and no more not only internally against a growing frustation in the 
army that is due to the development of the german society. 

Here the interface problem arises . The idea of interface is gained from the 
theory of the german cyberspace thinker Prof. Otto Ršssler (Endo-Otto). He  
says that the actions of the interface are determinend in a not predicatable 
way by microscopic dynamics  in the inside of a system and macroscopic 
dynamics in the outside. The error of the german goverment is that they try 
to manage the problem of the army by determing the interface of language 
(language understood as the field where internal army-problems meet with 
external problems. This does not make any sense because the interface is in 
no predictable manner connected nor with the inside nor with the outside. So 
the debate is useless. Using computertheory the goverment could have avoided 
a demonstration of power in the parlament. Reading Machiavelli would have 
been an aid as well. He argued in the sixteenth century that tumults within 
a system help to maintain the stabilty of the system.

Nils Ršller

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