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nettime: IUC ALERT! -=[ACLU v Reno: Update]=- (fwd)
Ian Andrews on Sat, 9 Mar 96 00:57 MET

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nettime: IUC ALERT! -=[ACLU v Reno: Update]=- (fwd)

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Subject: IUC ALERT!  -=[ACLU v Reno: Update]=-

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>Subject: IUC ALERT!  -=[ACLU v Reno: Update]=-
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>>Subject: IUC ALERT!  -=[ACLU v Reno: Update]=-
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>>Internet Users Consortium - ALERT!  Sunday 2/25/96
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>>ALERT.........ACLU v Reno: Update
>>Government Agrees Not to Investigate or Prosecute Internet
>>"Indecency" Until Three-Judge Court Rules on Case
>>Friday, February 23, 1996
>>Contact: Phil Gutis/(202) 675-2312
>>         Emily Whitfield/(212) 944-9800, x426
>>*       Government will refrain from pursuing Internet prosecution
>>*       Abortion speech restrictions, already acknowledged unconstitutional,
>>              not addressed
>>*       ACLU hearing dates set for March 21 and 22 in Philadelphia
>>1.  In a deal brokered with the U.S. Department of Justice, the ACLU
>>announced that the government agreed not to initiate investigations or
>>prosecute under the "indecency" or "patently offensive" censorship provisions
>>of  the Telecommunications Act  while the three-judge panel considers the
>>case.  ACLU attorney Chris Hansen, who is leading the litigation, explained
>>that the agreement represented a victory because it expands protections for
>>Internet users beyond the temporary restraining order on the indecency
>>provisions granted by Judge Buckwalter last Thursday.  Under this agreement,
>>which protects all Internet users, no one will be either investigated or
>>prosecuted for "patently offensive" speech.  If the law is upheld, the
>>government has reserved the right to prosecute later for such speech dating
>>from the passage of the law.
>>2.  Citing the government's earlier concession that the legislation's
>>restriction on abortion speech is unconstitutional, Catherine Weiss,
>>litigation director for the ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project, said that
>>the agreement did not need to address the abortion speech restriction.  The
>>Clinton Justice Department has already said that it will not prosecute for
>>abortion-related speech on the Internet under any circumstances.
>>3.  At a scheduling conference on Tuesday, the three-judge court set five
>>dates for the hearing on the preliminary injunction motion in Philadelphia.
>> The ACLU's hearing  dates are March 21 and 22, with April 1 reserved.  The
>>government's dates are April 11 and 12, 1996.  The total trial is scheduled
>>to last five days.
>>  Complete information on the lawsuit is available via ACLU's new "Freedom
>>Network" World Wide Web page,  <<http://www.aclu.org>>,  and via the ACLU's
>>Constitution Hall forum on America Online (keyword: ACLU).
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>>this and other key Internet issues, subscribe to NorthStar. NorthStar is
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>>story from the perspectives of those who feel the full brunt of government
>>abuse. Corporate media devalues us in its pro-government portrayal of every
>>news tidbit. What's left out is how current legislation effects you and I -
>>The Internet Users.
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