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<nettime> Against techno-optimism

Recently published The Techno-Optimist Manifesto by Marc Andreessen is,
IMHO, the most vile & horrible neo-liberal nonsense,
and I am afraid it will speak to many aspiring technocrats :(

The content of the "manifesto" has been continuously disputed on UnCiv list since 2013, , and in 2009 by the original "uncivilisation" manifesto: , by climate scientists : & and recently by the authors of the TESCREAL acronym ...

I am proud to be into the multiple "enemy categories" of this guy:
degrowth, sustainability, “trust and safety”, “tech ethics”, diversity..

I encourage you to be AGAINST techno-optimism, against Leviathan...

The antidotes?

Care, ecofemnism, intersectional environmentalism...


Quotes & links:

Jason Lefkowitz:

"a bruised ego.

Andreessen doesn't like the way people look at his investments critically these days. He doesn't like the questions he gets today about environmental impact, labor mistreatment, racial and sexual discrimination, and so forth at his portfolio companies. He bristles at assuming the responsibilities required of any grown-up business person.

What he wants instead is to go back to the oughts, when the entire global media edifice was credulously repeating the line that his investments weren't just making him and his rich friends richer, but were improving the world to boot. He liked that treatment quite well. He would very much like the rest of us to go back to giving it to him.

But he can't just, you know, SAY that. He'd be laughed out of the room if he did. So he has to dress it all up as a philosophical argument, as A Movement, even if by doing so he makes it clear just how tenuous his grasp is of the works he's quoting, and just how much of his worldview came from reading “thinkers” whose personal mission was to comfort the comfortable.

Which makes it tempting to dunk on, I know. But don't bother, because the philosophy is beside the point. It's all just window dressing placed to obscure the fundamental point: the world used to tell this guy his farts smelled like flowers; at some point, it stopped; and he'd really like it to start back up again."


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