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<nettime> Nettime veteran patiently reading the nettime administrivia

It's rare for me to harangue the nettimers, but I'm very pro-nettime, so I'm going to seize this opportunity to send mail to "," if only to show that I don't want to be pruned from the list.

I'm up in the Balkan mountains this season, where I discovered that a shortwave radio that must be 40 years old still functions.  This discovery gave me a lot of the same moral comfort that I derive from nettime.  Short-wave radio, it's not for everybody, but some people have 'em.

After all, what else is there: Twitter?  Sort of.  Maybe.  For a while.

"All my followers are accumulated social capital that seem to have been rendered near worthless by algorithmic deflation," the author laments:

Bruce Sterling

On 11 Jul 2023, at 5:29 PM, John Preston via Nettime-tmp <> wrote:

Hi all,

Here is a longform summary of the synchronous meeting held today.

There is general agreement to move to as the new host for the 
mailing list. They have about 2000 email accounts and a few hundred mailing
lists so there are no concerns about management or scale.

We talked about problems with bots, and they are currently working on a 

After the move, the intention for signup process seems to be to keep it the 
same as it is now: users have to confirm their email via a link, and then be 
manually approved by a moderator. We think this is currently scalable, effective
for managing spam, and gives mod team a feel for "who's coming and going", which
is nice to know.

We expect the move to take a couple of weeks, and there was some discussion 
about when is a good time to do this, given it's summer now. Eventually the 
archive and website will move as well, but probably that will happen after the 
new list is established.

An initial pool of new moderators is now being formed and I think people will 
meet again soon to organise this. I think Jordan, Christian, and Menno expressed
interest in joining the new mod squad.

We also talked about pruning the subscriber list and figuring out how best to
coordinate the move. This is an open question for the mod team to figure out 
what to do, but there were suggestions of using the invitation function on the 
new list to send out invites to everyone with activity in the last year, as a 
way to make sure the most active members are able to migrate effectively, and 
find a balance with just resubscribing lots of people who maybe don't want to 
be on the list.

There was brief discussion about using the domain name for the 
mailing list, and this is still an open question. Ted would like to maintain 
ownership for now and act as a guarantor, since it also points to other services
like our website and the Mastodon instance [1]. Overall there did not seem to 
be much concern either way in terms of the mailing list, as we expect host 
moves to be few and far between.

We also talked about the role of moderation on the list, and making sure this is
also about creating energy in the list, and bringing new people into the space.
Ted pointed out that diversity is an issue for nettime, as the homogeneity has 
both allowed the list to last for a long time, but also caused it to "ossify". 

Vesna had some good suggestions for organising small meetups and remote hubs, 
and we talked about arranging meetings at in person events like Ars Electronica
and Transmediale. Also we said these should be publicised so we are making 
nettime an open space that new people can get involved in, regardless of if they
like mailing lists or want to be part of the list.

I also raised the idea of doing more events on-list and off-list, such as a 
'show and tell' thread where people can just talk about what they're working on 
at the moment, or having coffee calls where people can have a chat and get to 
know other people in the community. Someone also mentioned the idea of inviting 
people not on the list to write guest posts, which I like because it grows the
community and allows us to explore the use of a mailing list as a publication 
platform as well as just a space for connecting and discussing.

Probably there is a bunch of stuff I missed because I got distracted halfway 
through, and then had to leave early, but I hope this is a useful summary for 
the list! ❤

[1] I actually missed that we have a Mastodon instance! It's at 
<> if anyone is interested 🙂

John (they/them)

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