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Re: <nettime> still alive ?

Hi christine!

I'd say definitely-not-yet dead, at this point! At this very moment we (that is, some of the folks introduced by Christian after our last synchronous meeting) are cooking up proposals for how to move forward. In our instance, moving forward means relieving Felix and the rest of the OG mod squad of their responsibilities.

If you're interested, i'd encourage you to join the next synchronous meeting, where we will present and hopefully decide on a way to move forward. If you're at all enthusiastic we are also still most keen to enlarge the mod-pool, so it'd be good if you (and other lurkers - be welcome!) would join us. I'll find the details of the meeting:

11th of July 2023 at 6:00 Los Angeles/9:00 New York/14:00 London/15:00 Berlin/23:00 Sydney time in the big blue button room at

All the best,
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