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Re: <nettime> CfP: Critical reflections on pandemic politics: left-wing, feminist and anti-racist critiques

Your knee-jerk response is an excellent example of elitist and false-oppositional ‘left’ thinking that has completely fallen for the government and big-pharma propaganda, and forgets to think critically about power structures, knowing very well that right-wing and left-wing, while also entertaining huge differences, are not pure opposites. Baudet would be proud of you; he can rake in the spoils.

Cheers, Ingrid.



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Subject: Re: <nettime> CfP: Critical reflections on pandemic politics: left-wing, feminist and anti-racist critiques


- Government propaganda and censorship around lockdown and vaccination


- The role of mass and social media in anti- or pro-lockdown or vaccine propaganda, political polarization and forms of media virality (eg. via covid-19 memes)


- Mandatory vaccine rollouts as assaults to the feminist appeal to bodily autonomy


- Ethical considerations regarding mass experimentation, moral shaming and lateral citizen surveillance


- Teleological and theological narratives of science as salvation (eg. via vaccinations)


All beautiful examples of a "Querfront" discourse where extreme right positions are packaged  in left-wing rhetoric. Not a single point, however, on minorities and vulnerable people and communities endangered by anti-vaccer egoism, and neo-Darwinist politics - for example in the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands, of "herd immunity" through survival of the fittest.


You should invite Dutch experts Willem Engel and Thierry Baudet as keynote speakers.




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