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IKLECTIK presents,


Saturday 22 January 2022 | 12pm – 5pm

Tickets: £25 (max 15 participant)

Improviz is a live-coding environment built for creating performances of abstract shapes, blurred shades and broken GIFs. This workshop will begin by covering the basics of live coding real-time animated graphics, explaining the relevant programming concepts in an easy to understand visual way, and will move through to more complex uses involving repurposing animated GIFs and OpenGL shaders.

The aim is to have participants spend as much time as possible actually writing code and using the software, with the instructor introducing and explaining features and concepts, but primarily supporting the chance to experiment and learn.

Participants need
– to install is the improviz software itself. The download links and instructions can all be found on the website:
– to bring their own computers for the workshops


Rumble-San is interested in the cross over of code with art and music, and has created and been involved with a number of projects along these lines. He is one half of LiveCodeLab, a duo doing live coded audiovisual performances at venues ranging from boats and warehouses parties to the London Science Museum.

Supported by Arts Council England


IKLECTIK, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG

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