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<nettime> UPDATE: Piksel21 -Critical Engineering Working Group- online workshops

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Piksel21 -Critical Engineering Working Group- online workshops 

To sign up send an email to: piksel21(at)piksel(dot)no
All workshops are free to attend.

For the first time, the Critical Engineering Working Group are opening
their workshops to the online realm. It is a unique opportunity to join
Danja Vasiliev and Sarah Grant this Friday and Saturday for the hands-
on workshop using Hotglue. On the 10th and 11th of December Bengt
Sjölén and Danja Vasiliev will work together again to lead the workshop
Selfhosted. Join us sending an email to piksel21(at)piksel(dot)no

**Hotglue by Critical Engineering Working Group / Danja Vasiliev and
Sarah Grant**
3-4 December 2021 – 15:00-17:00 hours.

Building websites using Hotglue is fun – and a great, hands-on way to
learn about visual design, markup language and hyper-links that power
the web. But to do so, one – more so than ever – needs proficiency in
the language of the web (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) in order to

Hotglue is a FOSS “What you see is what you get” editor for the web. 
At the workshop a free-to-use grass-roots service Hotglue.me will be
used to allow quick hosting of webpages. 

HOTGLUE Content Manipulation System is a unique tool for DIY web-design 
and Internet samizdat. System design is based on several fundamental
rules primarily aimed at preserving visual homogeneity between editing
and viewing modes. This structural transparency of HOTGLUE UI permits
its users to disregard any separation of Content and Design and
/ultimately/ to remove Design as such from their creative practice. 

Danja Vasiliev and Gottfried Haider believe that modern web-users shall
be given an easy yet powerful, online (in-browser) authoring tool for
making exciting, personally distinct and otherwise odd web-pages. Page
contents suddenly become something more then only text blocks and
images; user begins to construct web-pages as multi-layered collages
where textual is visual and vice versa. Web-pages made with HOTGLUE
never look the same - each page is a new creation of its author. 

HOTGLUE is written in PHP and Javascript (jQuery), it uses flat-files
for storage and is compatible with Apache2 HTTP server. 

Type: workshop 
Length: 4h 
Language: English 
Additional considerations: max. 12 participants 

Material and Technical Requirements 
Participant materials: Laptop, internet connection 

**SelfHosted by Critical Engineering Working Group / Danja Vasiliev and
Bengt Sjölén**
10-11 December 2021 – 15:00-17:00 hours.

To attend you have to register. Please send us an email to
The workshop will be online through a BBB video chat. We will send the
information on how to connect.

Decentralise! These 4 hours walks participants through the process of
setting up their very own server on the Internet, complete with
webmail, cloud, VPN, gallery, and website services, scalable to
hundreds or thousands of users.

Those interested in serving from home can bring in a PC to wipe and re-
purpose as a low-bandwidth server on the Internet. Others wanting a
high-traffic, media-rich solution will be encouraged to choose and
register a geographically-local server package in class such that they
can be guided through a complete install (typical monthly fees are 5 to
15 EUR).

Good server-side security practices are covered, from disk-encryption
to password-management and firewalling. The basics of the UNIX command
line are also taught such that participants can securely log into their
server and administer it regardless of their physical location. It
takes just one in a community to give the gift of high-quality, low-
carbon Internet infrastructure – to free yourself and others from
centralised and privacy-eroding services (like GMail, DropBox and

No prior experience is necessary, although attention to detail and
note-taking skills are important.

More about the exhibition Decoding Black Magic. Interventions in

More about Piksel21

More about Piksel

Piksel is supported by the Municipality of Bergen, Arts Council Norway,
Vestland fylkeskommune.


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