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Re: <nettime> (re)programming: Community - Astra Taylor in conversation with Marta Peirano

Dear List,

in the good old tradition of media artists turning to actual money making, I've started my consultancy as Data Proxy.

Obviously, part of the success story is dropping new vlog episodes every two weeks on YouTube. The first vlog episode introduces the logger swing and talks about the data black market.

More Data! I tell you how.

Make sure to subscribe, comment and like and like and like.

Best regards,


Expert consultant on blockchain, artificial intelligence and data production

Episode 1: More Data! I tell you how. Music Conrad OldMoney – The Nexus Riddim. DJ Freedom – Cutting it Close. Photography (Trailer) Walter Le Kon. Additional Footage Tega Brain & Surya Mattu – Unfit Bits. Additional Camera Operator Ada Lindner. Head nod to !Mediengruppe Bitnik.

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