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<nettime> LEAVING AFGHANISTAN: etherpad

From: David Herzog <>

please forward this message

*** *** is an etherpad project about leaving Afghanistan
with the aim to help with Afghan relocation schemes
4freedom of movement and free xs4all
against European and US border regimes
network welcome to Europe: 4people2com2europe

*** ***

please send me an INDIVIDUAL mail in order to receive the address with
which the text in the etherpad can be edited.

*** ***

|tmn recommends feeling the fleeing children of afghanistan |
|tmn empfiehlt auch, die fliehenden kinder afghanistans zu fühlen |
|tmn raadt ook aan om de vluchtende kinderen van afghanistan te voelen |

*** ***

Breaking Kabul: No One Is Illegal

We beg forgiveness on our knees from the fleeing children and peoples of
Afghanistan, for the Western governments we elected, who still dare to
distinguish between "them" and "us", to ask for papers only when human
lives are at stake.

David Herzog (Munich)

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