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<nettime> We Are Not Sick - Sad By Design - Album Release Show Geert Lovink and John Longwalker.

AA presents: We Are Not Sick - Sad By Design - Album Release Show


Genre: Ambient, electronica, spoken word
Line up: We are not sick
Open: 19:30 - 23:00 hrs
Tickets: € 10

We Are Not Sick is a joint effort by media theorist Geert Lovink and John Longwalker. Through this project they push for new modalities for both music and critical theory, to shake up both the dance floor and the lecture circuit. Utilizing a range of electronic musical genres for maximum reach, the Sad By Design album is not a soundtrack to a book of theory but rather a new attempt at expressing those same themes, using the same words but achieving different vectors of critique. Sad By Design is a ‘carrier wave for critical theory,’ crafted over two years of refining our answer to the question of what this new ‘critical music’ hybrid feels like to experience.

19.30 Doors open
20.00 Music-theory performance 
20.45 Break
21.05 Q&A moderated By Sebastain Olma
22.15 End of Event
23.00 Bar closes

Limited tickets available. Make sure to buy in presale:

This event will be available on live streaming as well.

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