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Re: <nettime> Commercial publishers sue Internet Archive over lending

This may not obey current legal conventions and the perception of what is
tenable in a court of law:

Why not get together and sue commercial publishers for commercializing
copyright-expired content?  Why not sue publishers from profiteering from
copyright-free works and TV / Cable networks for bundling copyright-expired
cinema as part of copyrighted movies?  If the copyright lobby places too
much restriction on copyrighted content,  why not assert that they should
make NO COMMERCIAL USE of all content that is free of copyright for which
copyright has expired? (The moral rationale here is that if you are rigid
in prohibiting non-commercial use of any copyrighted material, you ought to
be in turn prohibited from making commercial use of free material)

Take away and set aside rigidly for non-commercial use, all books and
movies and news articles on which the copyright has expired, or on which
there is no copyright claim.  What do you think the cable networks are left
with?  Often you pay a monthly subscription for a movie channel, that is
supposed to stream about 10 movies a day for 365 days, but of these, how
many are current by copyright standards, and how many come from the
free-for-anyone zone?  Over half, or more than a half of what a cable
network or a typical book publisher offers is free content - for a price.
Sue to prohibit the copyright lobby from bundling free content with
copy-righed content, they will stop harassing archive,org and the pubic
libraries.  Also, YouTube could cease offering free-streaming for
promotional teasers of copyrighted content.

Sivasubramanian M

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> /2020/06/10/temporary-national-emergency-library-to-close-2-weeks-early-returning-to-traditional-controlled-digital-lending/
> Temporary National Emergency Library to close 2 weeks early, returning
> to traditional controlled digital lending - Internet Archive Blogs

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