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Re: <nettime> discussing zoom fatigue

On 06.07.20 09:29, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:

> folks, has somebody made a detailled, media-critical comparison 
> between these different systems and their functionality? (for the 
> teaching i did, we used "Cisco Webex Meetings")

Not that I know of, my not particularly subtle conclusion from many
hours of online teaching, meetings and conversations is this:

Zoom is the new powerpoint.

A business-focused application that is mistaken as general purpose
communication technology. And Jisti is the LibreOffice Impress, an open
source version of the same thinking, reminding me of Matthew Fuller's
famous verdict about what was then "OpenOffice": Free software, but not
free thinking.

In terms of teaching, it's scary how much of teaching can be done within
the business-meeting format. And if you stick to it, it works quite
well. But what is even more scary is thought that all teaching must be
conducted like a business meeting in order to 'work'. All other formats
of knowledge creation, like open discussions, handling objects,
communicating non-verbally, simply make you look stupid and groups feel
awkward within this framework.

As far as actual business-like meetings are concerned, of which there
are a lot in any university, I'm happy if they are conducted online.
They're often more alienating f2f.


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