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Re: <nettime> discussing zoom fatigue

Ola Ola

On 2020-07-03 11:27, Geert Lovink wrote:
> Dear nettimers,
> I suppose many of you who’re into teaching have had an intense and
> exhausting period of giving online classes.
> I am trying to gather experiences of what’s now called ‘Zoom
> fatigue’. Of course this is by no means limited to Zoom and extends
> to Microsofts Teams and Skype, Google Classrooms etc. The experience
> also shows up in the cultural sector, in businesses and in the busy
> everyday or freelancers that have to speak to clients. We all made
> long hours.
> My question is a strategic one. Should we, in the near future, refuse
> to give online classes and have management meetings like this? The IT
> management class is already promoting the ‘blended’ model,
> expecting a backlash of the excessive video conferencing hours of the
> past months.
> Do you want to send me (or post here) some sentences or paragraph how,
> exactly, you experienced the move to video conferencing and the
> fatigue?
> Is there something wrong with the user interface? Is the ‘live’
> aspect important or should we rather return to pre-produced videos? As
> you all know, the relation (or tension) between ‘streaming’ and
> ‘online video’ is an old one.

Well, on that one, methink Giorgio Agamben (him again!) had the 
definitive answer:

(there are more sites carrying the same translantion by Alan Dean, I 
choose the one with the nicest pic)

> Some of us also made remarkably positive experiences. When the people,
> the content and context is right, an online conference that matters
> turned out really interesting. There are so many things to discuss,
> new connections to be made, hearing from those who have been excluded
> from the dialogues and discourses so far. The ‘stack of crises’
> may be distressing but the resistance, worldwide, also grows. Under
> what circumstances it is desirable to come together like this?
> This much is clear. We need to gather and organize, mobilize. How
> should ‘our’ Zoom look like? One that is inspiring, very likely
> limited in time, more focussed dialogues, perhaps even voting,
> facilitating both consensus AND debate?
> Is there a top limit to the use of video as community tool?
> Best, Geert
> ps. Here at the Institute of Network Cultures we made some experiences
> ourselves with the MoneyLab #8 event, organized by Aksioma in
> Ljubljana, originally scheduled for late March 2020, that was quickly
> turned into an 8 part lecture series:

Let's be frank here: there were interesting talks/interventions, but in 
term of outreach/public impact/participation, it was an unmitigated 
disaster. Beter then to revert to purely literary text exchanges - like 

Cheers to all, and take care: The Winter is Coming.

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