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<nettime> Program of MoneyLab #8 (Ljubjana, March 23-25, 2020) now online

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Ljubljana, 23â??25 March 2020
Full program here: <>
Critical thinkers, artists, researchers, activists, and geeks in search of other economies and financial discourses for a fair society.

These are dark times for the economy, as offshore finance wreaks havoc in the very fabric of cities and communities, and crypto-companies find their own tax havens. But the economy is not only in the hands of faceless corporations and cryptocurrency speculators.  MoneyLab <> explores the imaginaries of artists, researchers, activists, and geeks in search for other possible economies, and interrogates a different financial discourse. It asks: can we use technology critically to support alternative values of cooperation and commoning in a world that is dominated by individualism and competition? 

MoneyLab #8 features examples far from the mainstream media spotlight. It zooms in on the effects of offshore finance and explores counter-experiments in the realms of housing, care work, and blockchain technology. Can self-organised care networks strengthen neighbourhoods? What would social housing look like if it was turned into the cornerstone of the economy? Who is building local systems that can stand up against the financialisation of housing? 

MoneyLab #8 sheds light onto radical strategies for self-organisation, and pushes on towards new and collective futures for resilient local communities.

March 23, 2020

 EXHIBITION OPENING: Offshore Matters <>

March 24, 2020 

WORKSHOP #1: Offshore Operator Tour <>

WORKSHOP #2 / Game-Changers: The Game <>

PANEL #1 / Housing: Hacking the Crisis of Home <>

PANEL #2 / Care: Solidarity is Disobedience <>

KEYNOTE #1 / What Lies Behind Bitcoin: the Rise and Promise of Blockchain Computational Systems <>

March 25, 2020

WORKSHOP #3 / Zencode: How to Write Smart Contracts Using Natural Language <>

PANEL #3 / Tax Havens: Normalized Grand Theft <>

ARTIST TALK / The Work of Art in the Age of Decentralised Trust <>

KEYNOTE #2 / The Geopolitics of Financial Inclusion: Big Tech and the Golden Straightjacket of Digital Payments <>

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