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Hello nettimers,

How do melting glaciers sound? What sounds do the waves of the Pacific
leave on those beaches that will soon be gone? Do smartphones leave
traces and what sounds do they make? How does raw rice sound and the
busy snipping of a group preparing dinner for everyone? Clinking
glasses, hoarse tones. Children laughing, husky voices. When worlds
disappear, it's not just about the tangible that slips away from us –
also the audible.

Hence, hearing and listening as collective processes were an important
leitmotif at the 20th anniversary edition of the Berliner Gazette Annual
Conference MORE WORLD.

In discussions, talks, performances, workshops, eating and walking
together, dancing and resting, at total over 600 participants at all the
events tried to find out how we can work together across borders to
counter climate change. After all, one cannot simply go about this
global challenge at the individual level. Instead, we have to do this
together – whether as persons, municipalities, or states.

The MORE WORLD conference gathered activists, researchers, coders and
artists from more than 30 countries to experimentally explore practices
and values of cross-border cooperation. Making the results available, we
created a rich resource site and a source of inspiration for one of the
biggest challenges of our time.

The MORE WORLD resource site includes videos, audios, projects, texts,
and photos. Enough material to immerse yourself for at least one week,
but of course, for now you can simply browse the content or watch a
three minute video. Here is the link to the site:

And here is a post on twitter, please re-tweet it:

Please share widely!

Best wishes,

Krystian (for the BG team)


BG – Berliner Gazette | since 1999 |


MORE WORLD – How can we cooperate across borders to tackle climate change?
BG’s 20th anniversary conference – October 10-12, 2019 – ZK/U ;


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