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Re: <nettime> Evo Morales: people of Bolivia are rising up

belatedly (but for the record): 

hmm, your anecdotes are impressive!  Speaking of Ecuador, I happened to
be in Quito working with a group of indigenous, mostly women, trying to
keep their market from being demolished by the government and joined in
an anti Correa march with them in summer 2015 and many other groups,
including protesters against Yasuní exploitation, feminists and  even
pharmacists against Correa, and  a group carrying large puppets of
Correa and associates in cages, and at nightfall charged by police. that
makes me an expert!

As to Bolivia, this is interesting though slightly surpassed by events:

> .What caused the fall of the government of Evo Morales in Bolivia is
> an uprising by the people of Bolivia and their organizations. Their
> movements demanded his resignation before the army and police did. The
> Organization of American States sustained the government until the
> bitter end....

> it began with systematic attacks by the
> government of Evo Morales and Álvaro García Linera against the same
> popular movements that brought them to power, to the point that when
> they needed the movements to defend them, the movements were deactivated
> and demoralized…

 overstatement is cool. Members of Morales’s party /movement agree that
they had developed a strategy of elevating Morales to a cult figure and
disempowered the social movements, ,many of whom are pissed and
disempowered. But in the intervening days, many have indeed rallied to
the defense of the country against a putatively illegal government with
an army cutting the wiphala off their uniforms and elsewhere, and a self
anointed leader (holding up a bib copy of the Bible) tweeting that  she
is all for a government free of ‘ ritos sàtanico indigenistas” and
affirming that  “la ciudad noes para los indios que se vayan al
altiplano o al chaco!”

 A handy local (US) reference:
“Pachamama will never return. Today Christ is returning to the
Government Palace. Bolivia is for Christ.”
"The Organization of American States cited “irregularities” without yet
providing documentation. A report
<> by
the Center for Economic and Policy Research, however, found no
irregularities and no fraud.

and then there’s lithium.


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