Morlock Elloi on Sat, 9 Nov 2019 23:48:12 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Latin as revolutionary act?

What would be consequences of using Latin language among group/clique/cabal/underground/elite for discourse, publishing, idea exchange, tweets? (let's ignore for the moment how does one get the above set to learn Latin)

First of all, the noise goes down, as there is intellectual effort barrier involved. Feeble-minded, distracted, low IQ, vacuous, and other nobodies are out. It would be like early Internet (1990s) - only nice and interesting people, no rabble. Only more resilient, because the 'price' of learning tongue will never go down, unlike computer equipment and access.

Second, the cross-pollution from deluge of mechanically augmented media firehoses goes way down. Language is the medium, and, of course, the medium is the message. It's much harder to influence those thinking in a foreign tongue.

Third, the isolated hermetic nature of such setup would allow thinking to mature, being spared from cretinous cheering and booing from the unwashed crowd. At the same time, it can use modern networking technology to attract interest globally.

Perdidi unum in mediis soccus lauandi, et iam sentire perfecta!

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