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<nettime> Artist Commissions for Fusion Expo - Deadline Extended to 22.11.2019


We've had a schedule change for the Expo which means we are able to extend the deadline for a couple of weeks.
The timeline is a little more forgiving with a separate production period and a new launch date in October 2020.

May I also point out that are two levels of application fee, the second of which is €0.


Fusion Expo Commissions

The Fusion Expo Commission is now open for applications, with three awards of up to €4,000 each available for the commission fee and production.


Much contemporary art on the subject of Nuclear Energy focuses on issues relating to Nuclear Fission; post-Fukushima in particular. This work complements and continues practices from the Cold War and Chernobyl disaster eras. Growing criticalities around the Anthropocene have provided a new scale to these practices, the decay rates of radioactive waste inseparable from contexts of deep time, or resourcing and supply chains operating in colonial contexts of extractive and polluting economies.

Apart from a small number photographic projects and the Fusion Now! exhibition in 2007, Fusion as an imaginary has largely been overlooked in the arts. With the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) scheduled for first plasma in 2025, Fusion energy research is entering a crucial phase, it is timely to expand artistic practices around Nuclear Aesthetics and related fields of enquiry to incorporate Nuclear Fusion together with its histories and dreams, its social, political and ecological terrains.

The Commissions

Finetuned is offering 3 commissions for EU resident artists, each of up €4,000, to create work for EUROfusion's Fusion Expo, a touring exhibition representing the major outreach activity of the European fusion research consortium*. The exhibition will tour prominent museums among the member countries over the next five to ten years.

We seek to commission new works that directly engage with Nuclear Fusion in the context of future energy. These will be exhibited with a number of pre-existing works by artists including Semiconductor, and Alistair McClymont, and a fourth commission pre-allocated to Jol Thomson. Submitted proposals will be selected by a panel comprised of curators, artists and EUROfusion stakeholders.

To ensure gender balance across commissions, we particularly invite applications from women artists.

Application Details

Application Fee: €30 for applicants in full-time employment.€0 for others.
Experience required: emerging to experienced.
Students eligible: depends on experience.
Location: EU 
Who: EU resident artists working with related sciences, future energies and imaginaries
When: Activity taking place between 14 December 2019 – 30 June 2020.
Payments: Commission of up €4,000 (25% commission and 75% production).
Deadline: 23.00 CET Friday 22 November 2019

How To Apply
See the Commission Brief PDF for full details.

Employer: Finetuned Limited
Deadline: 23.00 CET, 22.11.2019**

*EUROfusion supports and funds fusion research activities on behalf of the European Commission’s Euratom programme. It is funded through Horizon 2020 and the member organisations. More information is available at https://www.eurofusion.org

**The timescales for the exhibition production period and launch have altered allowing more time for the open call. 
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