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Re: <nettime> Fw: Interlude: Heidegger summarizes signal from 2 decades of nettime

This may sound far off, but there are wider analogies that may hint to solutions.

(some) drugs are sanctioned (illegal, regulated) because they have significant effect on human behavior. Air pollution is regulated because it adversely affects people. Sex is (more or less) regulated, because it has huge influence on human behavior.

There is little difference between bypassing cognition by deluge of information piped through mechanized hoses, and displaying porn on screens in packed public transport. The latter is regulated, the former is not. It's time to ask the question: why?

I know the answer - it's because the former is the most brilliant brainwashing technique ever invented.

There is good reason to view humans and technology in context of other
networks I think, networks overall, rather than just focus on "cyber" or
computer/digital/virtual phenomena.  Networks are very boring in this
sense, like networks of cells, networks of roads, networks of bowling
leagues, soil bacteria, protein networks, squirrel communication
networks, networks of printing presses.  Maybe this is the "primordial"
something that ought to be hearkened back to somewhat.  Certainly we are
facing some harsh limit-points of various reality networks (pollution,
temperature, brain chemistry, other resources) where "cyber" isn't an
instant solution.

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