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Re: <nettime> Moving On- Beyond the Evidence..The Rise of Evidentiary Realism

"The sensibilities of an architect an artist or a film maker are very useful in figuring out what has taken place."

These sensibilities are predominantly those of the market supported by tax benefits and short-term jobs ruled by highly-paid hierarchies.

Star-branding prevails, realism is most often deployed to suppress and erase "little-knowns" as unrealistic, best to ignore as trivial unless hired to join the famous or best, the infamous.

Grotesque, gigantic, lavish, promoted, architecture, art and film are declared global triumphs through stagings, restricted competitions, museums, festivals, awards, prizes, critiques, books, videos, lectures, grants, podcasts, SM.

Hacks in the triumvirate get rich from obedience and obsequiousness to clients and investors.

Worst of the three is tax-subsidized architecture and engineering, the tatooed skin and the prostheticized bones inflected on every major city on earth by a small number of A/E firms, as with art and film. Biggest moneymakers are said to be the most realistic.

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