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Re: <nettime> Wash Post: Greta Thunberg weaponized shame in an era of shamelessness

Hi Felix,

On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 07:52:39PM +0200, Felix Stalder wrote:
> I can assure you that there is a lot of hate towards GT in Europe as
> well, so this cannot be a problem attributable to the "American brain".

Could it be you're judging "my" url by its name? This could
indeed lead you to the false assumption that I address this as an
American problem. Not at all!

This blog is part of a bigger serie called 'The Story of Us'. In
Chapter 4: The Enlightenment Kids, the auther writes:

	This part of the series, and some other parts later on, are
	super U.S.-centric. The reason is that I’m American and I’m
	currently immersed in U.S. society—so I have a way better
	understanding of the U.S. than I do of any other country.

	But I bet that even in the U.S.-specific sections of the
	series, most of the ideas correspond pretty well to wherever
	you’re living.

And I think the author is right about this, just as much as you
are that this hate is of course not an American thing. It's way

Back to the rest of your response and the reason I responded to
this thread in the first place. The blog called "American brain"
does explains in great detail why the center left and center
right are not willing to do anything substantial about it. Most
probably not yet that is! The blog explains that too. Please read
it, it's really interesting stuf!

PS: I'm not at all affiliated to Wait but Why in any kind. I'm
    only a big fan!

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