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<nettime> 20 years of Indymedia: Where are we now ?!

hello N-time, 

This November INDYMEDIA – (( i )) – will be 20 years old !!

April Glaser writes a good short history of the pioneering
network/platform/newsfeed … for Logic Magazine ( here ). But there’s
probably many more things that need to be analyzed in the history of the
Internet and digital culture to understand and assess whether “Another
Network Is Possible“… and where + how tactical media can unite
communities tomorrow…



XLterrestrials are working on an expanded post about ALL that…


excerpt from Part 1: Where are we now ?


( that haunting + sad final-years-Bowie tune is playing back in our
heads as we write… )

This is an extremely complicated discussion, and it will take more than
a short essay to sort through all the angles and dilemmas we find
ourselves soaking in with the cybernetic technodystopias +
technospherical spectrum +/or rectal probes of the military/corporate
communication industries, now oozing ubiquitous through all the tissues
and orifices of human + social organization like electro-shock +
doctrines + disruption therapies to cure our inherited
already-anthropocene-driven madness… by accelerating it … like: Here
take this, it’s another anthropo-scenic downloading spiral into
Stephen-Pinker-esque "tech-n-progress” Inc.



On a tangent note, it would be nice to put on some Indy-inspired type
tactical media event...

perhaps in the Btropolis ( Berlin ) for this anniversary date...

Any ((i)) and N5Minutes veterans wanna play with us on that ? get in touch !

There is already something planned in Houston hosted by IMC folks there
( at Rice U. ?) ...

but nothing in the EU territories yet, as far as we know... and WHY

One of its IMC sites is still active,

and its more radical sibling offshoot, got the crackdown + kicked off
the webz 2 years ago. ( Linksunten )...

And there's been heated discussions here about WHAT'S NEXT !!


liebegreetz !



 arts + praxis organisms

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