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Re: <nettime> radio nettime: 8 Sept 2019 12:00-13:00

On Tue, Sep 03, 2019 at 10:51:08AM +0200, Felix Stalder wrote:
For me, the benefits have decreased, but are they close enough to zero? What could be done to increase them? What would constitute a benefit, and to whom?

I don't think anything can be done to increase the benefits, other than contribute to the list when we think we have something to add. I'm mostly silent because I don't feel I can send anything that won't be considered noise, but I enjoy reading most of the stuff here immensely.

A list doesn't have to have N messages per day to be considered alive. People are not always on the same frequency, we are not always ready to discuss about a particular topic. I am subscribed to lists that are dormant for extended periods of time and there are sudden bursts of quite meaningful activity when the circumstances so demand, and that is very fine with me. They are alive in an organic way; no one is trying to do anything from the outside, which is when you get zombies.


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