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Re: <nettime> from Meatloaf to penalty Shoot Outs

On 23/08/2019 12:56, Michael Guggenheim wrote:
> I beg to disagree, and I would love to invite you to a trip to
> Switzerland, where indeed referenda are held 4 times a year on all kinds
> of things, from deciding whether to build a new school or (infamously)
> whether to ban minarets. Sometimes you and I may agree or disagree with
> an outcome, but the last time I checked, overall policy decisions in
> Switzerland were no better or worse (according to my parochial judgment)
> than those of any other European country without regular referenda.

So it makes no difference, then?

> When I last checked (a week ago), Switzerland was not "frighteningly
> fascistic". In fact, it is the opposite.

If you have the money of the fascists hidden for them, best to sport a
different profile?
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