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Re: <nettime> It goes beyond the Meat Loaf Problem

> Partisanism makes the world easier but does not get it right.

It does not get less strange here. To me your position could not be more paradox. Argue for a non-partisan view in favour of a much worse option: blaming persons who may just be pawns in a game which is beyond their control.

Labour is torn. The move to support a referendum is something that is a risk and will make them lose parts of their base and some MPs. It may be late, even too late but it is still a risk. The withdrawal agreement never had any serious backing within the base or the MPs, it was never an option.

Not backing Corbyn is partly just an approach to divide labour once again. It is clear this is not an option the leader of a party can back, this is not a personal matter. You can't have your party divided as the leader, it is your job to avoid that.

The only may out would be someone out of the involved factions. But I am not sure if this would be even possible with the crazy limitation that the UK system imposes on parliament.

Meanwhile the whole Brexit mess seems a minor problem for the UK to me. It just revealed, that the whole political system is broken. A parliament that can be held hostage by government combined with first past the post mixed with modern political marketing (i.e. Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, etc.) seems to be the perfect recipe for complete disaster.

The UK is way worse off than the US, it will just take some time for this to become obvious.

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