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<nettime> Support the Pataxó in Bahia!

Guys, there's only 30 days left of our campaign to finance the Mutirão
(collective work sprint) for a Health Centre in the Pataxó village of
Pará (near Caraíva) in Bahia, Brazil.

With the current necropolitical and genocidal situation exposed for
everyone to see, this initiative for indigenous AUTONOMY is more
important than ever. The Pataxó are living examples of a way of life
much closer to the Earth, and this way of life is under threat. This
year, we've witnessed countless attempts to dismantle public health care
especially indigenous health care in Brazil.

We're calling for everyone to help! From October 12 to October 19 we'll
be constructing two Health Centres in Aldeia Pará (where we organized
the II International Festival of Technoshamanism) in response to calls
for aid from the community, where there's no suitable space for their
traditional health practices, nor for receiving doctors and nurses from
the outside.

Our crowdfunding:

Help out, chip in, share, tell a friend!


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