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The New Yorker, August 5 & 12, 2019 Issue:

Olga Tokarczuk?s Novels Against Nationalism
In the face of the Polish government?s rightist dogma, the country?s preëminent writer explores its history of ethnic intermingling.

Ruth Franklin, author of the Tokarcsuk profile, seems unable to avoid diminishing individuals by lumping them into thoughtless, demeaning categories of the vaporous market.

"Tokarczuk is based in Wrocaw, in the southwest of Poland. She was in Warsaw not only for the book fair but also for a literary festival, called Apostrof, which took place at the Universal Theatre, a headquarters of sorts for intellectuals and artists. This year Tokarczuk was a guest curator, organizing a weeklong series of symposiums featuring leading Polish writers and intellectuals."

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