John Young on Fri, 7 Jun 2019 19:52:14 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Nettime is in bad shape. Let's see if we can change it.

Low-poster, relative newcomer, appreciator of what nettime allows, confesses hazards of doctrinaire free speech since 1992:

1. Got kicked off several fora for annoying, angering, pissing off moderators.
2. Got kicked off Twitter for violating ToS, fingered family members of Trump jackass.
3. Got booted as moderator for allowing unfettered postings, "too immoderate."
4. Got rejected from several journalist-related fora for not being worthy, no commercial cred. 5. Got accused often of "going too far" with publications and opinions, violated official secrecy. 6. Got slew of mail-list postings rejected as being not appropriate, not list-flattering. 7. Operate unfettered mail list with about 50 subscribers, one of which posts at length. 8. A list moderater committed assisted suicide beggng me to approve, which I refused, condemned. List now unmoderated, but almost dormant. 9. Have always been opposed to moderation's censorship, redaction, privileging, lollygagging, career-building, intolerance, buttering-up, on and on, understanding those attributes are given for language, intelligence, education, esteem, pride, ego, herding, chastising, excluding, prejudice, shitting on.

10. Online has bred innumerable pestilential moderators, a very few exceptions, nearly all psychotic, god keep them from coercive control of their families, coleagues and subscribers.

11. Here's a UK appeals court quashing murder rap of a woman who hammered her husband to death for "coercive control:"

12. Lurking is much superior to posting, leaking, confessing (mea culpa).

13. Silence is free-est speech.

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