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Re: <nettime> Ben Quinn: Julian Assange shows psychological torture symptoms, says UN expert (Guardian)

It's good that nettime-l is archived - this is a fantastic documentation about psychopathology of 'progressives'.

X reveals to the citizenry accurate information what their force monopoly is doing in wars (namely crimes) and lying about.

X reveals to the citizenry accurate information what their 'political parties' are doing about 'elections' (namely cheating) and lying about.

The said force monopoly organizes successful character assassination of X, as always starting with sexual misconduct. Progressives obediently jump on the bandwagon. No one talks about war crimes and cheating in elections. Everyone talks about brutal penetration and timing of the publishing. Why? Because, like in Russiagate, it's about the shame of going against the tribe. But in this case it's a bit more naked. Because the force monopoly is prosecuting X for revealing the truth to the citizenry, declaring him spy, and making, obviously, its own citizenry the enemy (as he spied for them). Not for the brutal penetration. Not obvious to progressives though. They are stuck on the brutal penetration and 'protecting women', analyzing X as expert manipulator. Truly fantastic documentation.

There are people on this list that should know better. Shame on you.


Spare me from pathetic mobbing and pathetic public declarations of loyalty to the tribe, and how you created a badge of honor by publicly blacklisting. No one cares who you are publicly against. You don't get any points for ad hominem. You do get special points for recognizing yourself and being hysterical about it, and you will get special points some time in the future when the whole penetration thing collapses, as it always does. Now go mob Molly a bit. BTW, does 'brutal penetration' irritate? It always does.

On 5/31/19, 17:06, Molly Hankwitz wrote:
I am not eager to argue about the weakness of Hillary or about whether
Trump is/was a strong candidate.

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