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Re: <nettime> Remember shih-chieh ilya li

Beautiful Obits for 'Ilya Lee'. R.I.P.

The two nettime posts by him Geert refers to are here:   (1999) (2001)

and they are well worth (re)reading!

Ciaoui, p+2D!

On 2019-05-27 07:32, Shu Lea Cheang wrote:
dear Geert

I think we all met Ilya same time in  Amsterdam... next five minutes


On 23.05.19 16:00, Geert Lovink wrote:

I also just heard that our dead activist-friend Ilya from Taiwan
died because of complications from cellulitis, a few days ago.

Thanks, Graham, you have described his warm character very well!

I can't trace the exact beginning of my friendship with Ilya but it
must have been in the last nineties. His trip to the third Next Five
Minutes tactical media festival in Amsterdam was a huge event for
him (and all of us). The idea of creating networks of artists and
activists working at the crossroads of politics, aesthetics and new
media was a very real, living thing.

In 2001, I did an email exchange with Ilya, for nettime:
In my 2002 book Dark Fiber there is a travel report about my 1999
visit to Taiwan and my work with Ilya. Since then I came to Taiwan
and he to Amsterdam on a number of occasions.

Ilya’s politics I found always very interesting: a unique mix of
radical practices, government policies (or the attempt to somehow
address them), research and IT startups. His passion and enthousiasm
to translate concepts from elsewhere to the high tech policy of the
‘renegade island’ that was going its own way, investigaring what
freedom on many level could mean, inspired all of us. Farewell,


I wrote this for inclusion in a memorial volume, Ilya Li's
memorial is present in the living and breathing of networks he
helped create since 1996.

I'm not sure how many net timers knew of Ilya but until his
sudden death a few days ago - he had done so much great work from
his base in Taiwan. Here are a few words in his memory. If you
have any words or images you want add - a memorial page is on
facebook that will be printed of for his family. just search
(Remember shih-chieh ilya li)

I'm not sure how ilya's idiosyncratic, strange, funny and
generous thought processes managed it, but he glued together a
carnival of like-minded misfits around the world, adding to their
nutzo projects, like YoHa's, 'Plastic Raft of Lampedusa'. Ilya
gave many of us a version of what globalisation, transnationalism
could mean in opposition to the fragmentary version we are fed
with our processed foods. He taught europeans like myself to
listen before judgment, to think with him around corners and on
different scales while usually eating delicious unprocessed food.
He did this by guiding you to an embarrassing pause, when you
thought... I have no idea what he just said to me or where it came
from. At such moments, you had to ask him, over the next tasty
mouthful, to unravel his thoughts, translate them across cultures
so you could understand where you may have had it wrong, to get a
new insight.

Ilya was a romantic and I both saw him struggle with being on his
own and then it was my priviledge to see him seek out love, follow
it around the world and finally find it in his and his partner's
garden, growing more food for the future.

Ilya was our friend, eating companion, glue in a world that tries
to keep us separate.

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