David Garcia on Wed, 22 May 2019 01:33:38 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Good Ship Mary.... Celeste

The Good Ship Mary….Celeste

After the kind EU allowed us a deferral till Halloween a strange paralysis has descended on the land. May has not
been much seen. She appears laid out like the sick king in Parsifal waiting for one of her bold knights of the cabinet table 
to go forth and bring her back the Brexit Grail.   

But outside of the courtly world of Westminster real-world consequences intrude as British Steel is about
to go into administration (loss of 5000 jobs and about 20,000 in the supply chain) as European orders are cancelled 
while Theresa’s survival tactic remains  "say anything do nothing”. 

But she has now finally run out of road… and is on the brink (we’ll hear it later today) of a last fultile throw of 
the dice by bringing her deal back to Parliament.. I won’t bore you with the intricacies BUT if it goes through there are routs to a 
public vote through amendments but the more likely outcome will be another defeat and an increase in the risk of no deal. 

Why? as immediately after the bill falls she will resign and after the time wasting of an election a few thousand members of the conservative party 
will choose our next PM who will be a hard brexiter (the real people’s vote). If its a hard brexiter they could in theory ‘prorogue’ parliament (close it down) 
and wait till Brexit happens by default in October as, it will without the need for parliamentary intervention. 

If this would look like happening then there just might be the parliamentary will and the numbers to vote to revoke article 50.. This would not be 
simple. The MPs (with the Speaker’s help) would need to take control of the business of parliament and pass legislation instructing the 
PM to go to Brussels with a letter of revocation. 

For a long month Parliament itself was as quiet as the Mary Celeste at  the ‘end of days’ with MPs wandering about 
in daze to tired even to plot against each other.. (not Game of Throes on Steroids as someone said but on ‘Mogodon’) But all that has 
changed with the impending Tory leadership campaign now ramping up.

The word ‘beauty pageant’ scarcely does justice to the parade of scoundrels, mountebanks and Quacks selling their WTO snake oil along
with a few “would be” 'Captain Sensibles'. All falling over each other to become the next Tory PM to become impaled on the Spear of Destiny 
called Brexit… On the impailalement stakes (pun intended) Corbyn has beat them to it long ago sitting on the spikes of a very uncomfortable 

As evidence let me quote from Legal eagle 'Dave (Boy) Green’s’ recent twee where he probes the careful wording of Labour’s position on a public 

What purpose (asks Dave) is being served by words "the option of”? 

Why not just say "backs a public vote”? 

What weasels hide in those three additional words?      


Signing off from deep in the 
Hold of the Good Ship Mary... 
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