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Re: <nettime> Bad news for Brexit Junkies! - worse news for Labour and remainers

This is all true, you could add that the UK news media delights in
spreading lies, it does it purely for the lulz.

But... In 2016 only political lunatics had strong opinions one way or
another on the EU, and nobody here thought that there would be any
significant change whatever the result of the referendum - these two
things together practically guaranteed a leave result.

In retrospect, the real historic vote in 2016 was the vote for Boaty
McBoatface, this was the template for the 2016 referendum, and the
2017 general election. Those people singing 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' were
not a cult (as the Guardian ludicrously claimed), they did it because
it wound up all the right people.

In the future, all elections will re-elect Boaty McBoatface.


On Tue, 16 Oct 2018 at 14:55, James Wallbank wrote:
> (1) The "United Kingdom" is not a nation state as Europe knows it. It's
> actually a shrunken, dwarf empire.
> (2) Areas outside the Southeast (both the nations: Wales, Scotland and
> Northern Ireland) the Regions (The Midlands, The North, The South West)
> and the unrecognised nations (Cornwall, Mercia, Northumbria) are
> effectively colonies under occupation by London. London has total, full
> spectrum dominance over the national narrative.
> (3) Britain is suffering from a kind of post-imperial psychosis.
> (4) Britain is notable in being the only European nation to have failed
> to rid itself of hereditary rulers. Of the 250 or so Dukes in Britain
> (that's the highest level of the aristocracy outside royalty) around 180
> of them still own the land that their ancestors owned just after the
> Norman Conquest. That represents nearly 1000 years of occupation. They
> will stop at NOTHING to retain their hidden power.
> (5) Britain's manifestly defective parliamentary system is really window
> dressing, that conceals other centres of power.
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