Geert Lovink on Wed, 10 Oct 2018 10:14:42 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Support Macao in Milan!


MACAO, an autonomous center for art, culture and research is now in danger. In recent days the alt-right Salvini government decided to foster the repression against migrants and squatters with a new extremely fascist decree.

Meanwhile the local government of Milano is going to vote in the municipal council to privatize the building in which Macao is based, conferring the property to BNL, a real estate fund. The bank will auction the building, resulting in the eviction of Macao.

For years Macao has generated an extremely productive cultural program, generating and producing thousands of groups and projects. It is a symbol of art production as anti-gentificration, and is recognized as an international hub for research into the urban commons from legal, economic and theoretical perspectives.

Macao has strongly promoted and developed municipalism. This has been combined with developing an alternative economic ecosystem and civil rights through a transfeminist prospective.

Regarding the building, where Macao has grown up, we have been discussing different solutions with the municipality over the last 6 years (as "civic use”; an exchange with renovation investment; and finally even offering to buy, turning the property asset into a common) with the aim of fostering an innovative solution for the future of the space, according to a positive urban plan. During August, the city government put the building quite secretly into a fund owned by the bank BNL, in order to have liquidity for the yearly economic budget of the municipality and cover their debts.

In this political moment in which there is apparently no alternative to alt-right aggression and neoliberal left cruelty, it is more important than ever to have autonomous infrastructures and to build alliances that cannot be broken by authoritarian repression.

We really need the support of all international actors who share with us a different political vision based on: Anti-nationalism and an active resistance to neoliberalism and fascism, in which we fight for social justice, solidarity economics, and the free circulation of knowledge.

Fighting together for radical municipalism, organizing solidarity networks, and fostering a real European alternative, means now a concrete step of solidarity to MACAO from you!

Sign this call writing to: or make your one statement

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