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<nettime> Open Art and Computer Science Positions - Dept. of Visualization at Texas A&M University

Hello all,

due to a convergence of expansion and retirements we have several tenured/tenure-track openings here in the Visualization Department at Texas A&M University. Our department is a unique mix of artists and computer scientists working together in support of our MFA, MS, and BS degree programs. (A PhD program is in the approval chain.) We are a Tier One research university, and that is reflected in the teaching load and support for faculty. 

We use the term “Visualization” in the broadest possible sense, and have strong relations with the film and gaming industries. In addition our graduates span the range from white-cube gallery art to industrial software development. 

We are currently seeking artists working in both traditional and digital forms, as well as computer scientists and others executing research in computer graphics and related technologies. 

Please pass this along to those who may be interested.  The application deadline is October 22, 2018, but late applications may be considered as time allows.

Tenured and Tenure Track Positions:

Academic Professional Track Positions:

Philip Galanter
Associate Professor
Department of Visualization
Texas A&M University
A130 Langford Center
3137 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3137

Office - Building A, Room 130
Phone - 979.845.4710

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