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<nettime> banning gender studies in Hungary

Title: banning gender studies in Hungary
BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary's government will stop financing gender studies university courses, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff said on Tuesday, marking one of the first concrete steps in a cultural shift signaled last month.

The Orbán regime introduced legislation to shut down accredited gender studies programs offered by universities in Hungary. Academics now have 24 hours to respond to the government's plan. The ban will primarily impact students at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest (ELTE)-the only institution in Hungary, other than Central European University, to offer gender studies at the graduate level, and the only one to provide this program in Hungarian.


An article published by Hungarian pro-government magazine Figyelo, entitled, "Immigration, homosexual rights and gender science - these topics occupy the researchers of the Academy", claims that the research topics of the Centre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are politically suspicious, and that the government should have a "greater insight" into the Academy's work.


Diminishing autonomy of Hungarian science academy worries scientists
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