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Re: <nettime> What does Trump get right?

Yes, forms of organisation are the main problem.

It's a scale problem. The scope of the action is preponderant. Beyond a certain number of individuals, participatory democracy is no longer possible. Sizes of communities, and/or size of territories impose some limits to the organizational force.   We have thought for centuries that change could come from macro events, macro-structures, globalized or nation-size mass-actions, global ideologies or revolutions. But most of the original ideas and ethics have not survived to reality of the mass, bureaucracy, corruption, and so on. Any centralisation on a big-scale system is a source of failure.

But under a certain number of individuals, organisation have no effets nore perennity. Molecular revolution is like radioactivity, sociodynamics and cycling. The power comes from the critical mass . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_mass  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_mass_(sociodynamics) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_Mass_(cycling)  and this critical mass is deeply related to the topology and rugosity of the field.

In many places of the worls, people invest in lot of micro-structures, citizen-sized cells, in all fields of daily life ( community supported agriculture, non-profit dispensary, wireless community networks, associative schools or universities, citizen energy smart grid and so on...). It's not a "potential", it's a reality. Add local currencies, and many other self-sustained citizen-oriented services, and you have more power than any global corporation. This movement has started, and has the biggest power ever to transform the thermo-industrial capitalist society into a better (climate-change resilient) world.

When the creation of specialized citizen micro-structures will be generalized, will be born a collective conscience, able to generate and extract revocable leaders for each speciliazed cell, and bigger scale actions could be taken to solve macro problems ( ressources and climate).

JN  (Fr.)
sorry for the bad translations sometimes.

Le 05/08/2018 à 07:48, Brian Holmes a écrit :
[....] Meanwhile I am afraid that state power doesn't give a damn about "what is beyond its organization."[....] The thing to do right now is to turn widespread dissatisfaction and a very clear perception of the sources of injustice into an organizational force that can change the corporate state.

Le 05/08/2018 à 07:48, Brian Holmes a écrit :
What I learned from that experience is that grassroots action, or molecular revolution or whatever you want to call it, is capable of opening up a potential, rather like art does.

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