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Re: <nettime> "Challenging the Tech Companies from Within" via LibrarianShipwreck

On 06/29/2018 03:34 PM, Yosem Companys wrote:
Based on fifteen years of research and observation, "Tempered Radicals" reveals that adaptive, diverse, family-friendly, and socially responsible workplaces are built not by revolutionaries but by those she calls 'tempered radicals' -- people who successfully walk the tightrope between conformity and rebellion:

Yosem and Vesna, you might both be interested in the antediluvian reflections of SDS members on what they called "Radicals in the Professions":

SDS was "Students for a Democratic Society" and as soon as they weren't students anymore, they had to ask themselves, what are we going to do as professionals? An organized revolutionary movement with a fairly stable center in the town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, gave them a chance to debate this question collectively and thereby set up an ethical community for help in negotiating the most basic issues, like "Do I stay or do I go?"

I wasn't around for those debates, but the example has led me to always join or form communities of reflection about actual behavior in pragmatic situations. And if people can be radically consistent in their professional lives, that's fightin' the power says I.

best, BH
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