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<nettime> funded phd scholarships in immersive technologies

Funded PhD scholarships in immersive technologies

Northumbria University (Newcastle upon Tyne) is working closely with Gateshead Council and local technology companies to develop the region’s competence in immersive technology, including augmented, virtual and mixed reality. In 2018, Gateshead will open the PROTO Emerging Technology Centre, which will become a hub for the immersive industry as well as a cutting-edge R&D centre.
We have to opportunity to apply for PhD scholarships in cooperation with Gateshead and/or local businesses. A successful candidate should have a Masters degree and proven knowledge in technology development and/or design in 3D and virtual technologies. Related relevant fields include interaction design and human-computer interaction. Scholarships are fully funded for 3 years with a living allowance and also include stipends for material and travel. The research will be carried out in close collaboration with external partners and the results will be relevant for the UK industrial strategy. The academic home of the PhD is Northumbria University’s School of Design.
For more information contact Professor Lars Erik Holmquist,

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