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<nettime> One more from Athenes: against the eviction of the Elleniko health centre


The state company of ELLINIKO A.E. issued last week an ultimatum demanding "Metropolitan Social Health Centre of Elliniko" (MKIE) to evacuate its premises in the publicly owned old airport of Elliniko. This is in order to facilitate the privatization of the old airport, despite the resistance of all those who demand a creation of a Metropolitan park, a green area of culture and sport activities open to all in its space.

The ultimatum demands the MKIE to empty its premises by the 30th of June (!), without proposing any alternative space for re-location in another public building. Therefore, this is not just an eviction but a lethal blow.

MKIE was founded in December 2011 and it has been the continuation of the vast mobilizations of Syntagma sq. in that summer. It was and still is the response of socially active and sensitive citizens against the violence of the crisis and austerity that was imposed to the many by the few.

Its primary aim has been the provision of free health services and medicine for anyone uninsured, unemployed and poor, the first victims of the crisis who were abandoned by the public health care services. At the same time, it claimed the reinstatement of free and universal health and medical care for all those excluded from them.

Moreover, with its action created a new way and mode in the provision of health services, putting the human beings in the center of health practice, and not only the illness.

Based on self-organization, autonomy, horizontal democratic function and without any kind of political or economic bonds, MKIE inspired and brought together hundreds of volunteers. All these years, the latter have cared with solidarity and respect 7.366 individual patients in over 64.000 visits to MKIE. Moreover, the needs of MKIE are supported by solidarity actions developed by thousands of people in Greece and internationally.

The MKIE from its start serves people from all over Attica and beyond. It has also supported with medicine, refugee camps, NGOs and public hospitals. MKIE wants to continue without any obstacle its operations because it is still a need for this. For that reason, MKIE is determined to fight shoulder to shoulder with all its patients and supporters.

We, the undersigned, who work in academic and research institutions, recognize the immense social and humanitarian contribution of the MKIE. Moreover, we consider it an innovative example of communal management of public assets and of urban space, an incubator of novel approaches to the health practices, and a space where new social relations and knowledge is produced. Therefore, we state wholeheartedly our support in its struggle to continue its route on the road of solidarity, dignity, respect and humanism.

pictures & report on MKIE:

If you would like to express your solidarity to the volunteers and the patients of MKIE, you could sign the following letter by sending an e-mai to <> until 20th June. Please state your full name, title and affiliation.
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