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Re: <nettime> Uber Blues

Yesterday I took taxi ($30), and then checked Uber pricing - it's exactly one half of what I paid ($15). For many people this is a non-trivial difference that outweighs moral issues.

The point being: Uber VCs are funding temporary increase of the standard of living for some, while destroying the same for some others. The ones that temporarily benefit will offset protests of losers, but when the game is over and Uber owns the market, everyone except Uber's VCs becomes a loser.

But now we know how much it costs to rent the fifth column: $60 per head per year (in 2017 Uber had $4,500 million loss and 75 million users.)

At it takes about 3-4% of population to participate in non-violent protests ( ) for several years for a successful regime-toppling revolution, we can now approximately calculate the cost of such revolution:

EU: $120 billion
US:  $80 billion

(Between themselves, Bezos and Gates could pull it off! Soros is disqualified.)

The direction of the revolution is, of course, buyer's choice. Make no mistake - one is being funded, and you are not the buyer. Time for a Kickstarter campaign?

On the more serious note, back to my infrastructure obsession: this is another illustration of how difficult/expensive it is to move our society. Perhaps it's time to stop doing the easy stuff and focus on the hard problem.


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