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Re: <nettime> Uber Blues

On 03/27/2018 05:54 PM, Patrice Riemens wrote:

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(pdf available on request)

The company is unreformable because its 'disruptive' business model sucks from A to Z & back again.

Uber & clones should simply be outlawed. No compromise.

Last in Marseille, back from dinner at R's, one of the guests booked a Uber car. There was still one seat left, so I joined, my first Uber ride. Nice guy, nice car. It was around 11pm, and the ride was not very long, but quite complicated (Marseille is part very hilly, with tortuous, badly maintained streets) We were unloaded downtown, near the hotel and I asked what I my share of the ride was. This was waived away with a laughter since it was only €6 - exactly 3 busfares (save that buses don't run anymore at that time of day).

This is completely ludicrous.

And it was my first, but also last Uber ride. I'd rather walk. No compromise.

Word! I'm happy to say that here in DK, Uber was banned by a recent court ruling that said that if Uber wants to offer rides, it must follow the same rules as taxi cabs, including meters, insurance and professional driving licenses. It really needs to be done away with completely, thrown in the same historical dustbin where we throw Amazon and other companies that depend on massively exploitative practices (I recently stopped buying books at Amazon. No compromise.)


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