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<nettime> Tharoor? // was: Re: Shree Paradkar: When will there be a film on Winston Churchill..

On 13/03/18 04:39, Prem Chandavarkar wrote:
> In a similar vein:
> <>
> In Winston Churchill, Hollywood Rewards a Mass Murderer
> Shashi Tharoor

Oh, the coke guy?!
(see also comments below)


....from the “Response to Tharoor from S. Faizi, Environmental Expert
Member, Kerala Groundwater Authority”:

    “I have read with interest your response to the Plachimada Struggle
Solidarity Committee’s criticism of your being in a PR project of the
Coca Cola company in India, in Hindu and the full text on a web site
that carries your PR material. I do not have a grain of opposition to
your being in the cola PR outfit, for it is natural for people like you
to be in places like that. However, I am writing this public response to
you in order to address the misinformation contained in your letter,
outdoing even the PR staff of the company, and the unwarranted sweeping
remarks you have made on Kerala development..."

See also:

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