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Re: <nettime> The System Development Corporation

On 12/03/18 17:27, Morlock Elloi wrote:
> The old-fashioned way, by confronting at the infrastructure level, away
> from keyboards. Messaging through the adversarial infrastructure is like
> drawing graffiti on the enemy tanks - cute but doesn't do s*it.

Confrontation is good for the system, criticise only what you want to

Want to do shit? Non-engagement and non-symbolism in a move from
abstractions, which are distractions, to another way of life.

And then something really radical: talk to your neighbour, come out of
the echo chamber. The professional critics, the well worded, verbose and
sophisticated theorists are so far ahead, so far up their (our) own
arses and into symbolic universes that they serve only their own careers
while feeding their own brain candy addictions. Go down a non-working
class pub and talk to Make The World Great Again type people and see how
far you get...
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