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<nettime> The System Development Corporation

There is a fantastic piece of history of the dystopia we live in at

It's a promo film by System Development Corporation, predicting pretty much everything, up to and including simulating societies and taking corrective measures.

SDC is worth looking up itself. Started in 1955, it split, spawned or merged, again, with pretty much everything - RAND, Burroughs, Sperry, Unisys, Loral, Lockheed Martin, etc.

It's all about long term planning and building infrastructures, done by lots of smart people. These days these infrastructures, comprising of fiber, switches, hubs, semi fabs, education curricula, ideology of engineering, etc., are mostly hidden from the view. What is visible are MAGAf public faces and ephemeral policies/business models, targeting of which exhausts the entire energy of activism (do you really think anything would change if MAGAf disappeared overnight?)

The idea of countering these infrastructures by ad-hock activism, hacking and similar is laughable. I'm starting to think that the whole concept of 'hacking' is injected subversion.

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